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Government Museum - Kasturba Gandhi Road
Established in 1866, this is one of the oldest museums in the Country. Housed in a red stucco Neo-Classical Building with Corinthian Columns, it has 18 sections with a fine collection of jewellery, miniature paintings sculpture, artifacts from Mohenjodaro and 5,000 years old neolithic relics. The Venkatappa Art Gallery, named after an early 20th century artist patronized by the wodeyar rules of Mysore, forms one wing of this museum. It has watercolours and paintings made in mysore style. These works still retain a greenish coating imparted by a finishing rub with jade. The Gallery also has a collection of leather puppets made of deer and fine sculptures from the satvahana, Hoysala and Vijayanagar periods.
Visveswaraiah Industrial and Technological Museum
This Museum is a tribute to the graet Sir M.Vishveshwariah, a Stateman who worked dedicatedly to bring science and technology to the common man. See an unconnected tubelight glow watch your voices as you speak, learn to make motion pictures, alarms etc. This museum has wonderful of Informations about the marvels of science.

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