Bangalore - Karnataka - Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park - 2 kms From MG Road
Laid out in 1864 by Richard Sankey, The chief engineer of Mysore, and named in honour of the Commissioner, Cubbon Park extends over an area of 135-ha (334 acres). Its partly formal landscaping imaginatively integrates natural rock out croppings with groves of trees and giant bamboos. The park is liberally dotted with statues, such as that of the 19th Century ruler Chamarajendra Wodeyar ( 1868 - 94 ) over looking the pond near an Octagonal, cast-iron bandstand. There are also marble statues of Queen Victoria and Edward VII. In the middle of the park a red painted, Neo-Classical building known as the Sheshadri Iyer Memorial Houses a Public Library.

Cubbon Park

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